Jan 16

C’est l’hiver – NAC

Macar'Ongle-c'est l'hiver-banière

Re-bonjour !!

Comme d’habitude un petit article rapide pour vous montrer plus de photos de mon nailart fait pour le NAC.

Hi again !!

As usual a very quick post to show you more pics of my NAC nail art.

Macar'Ongle-c'est l'hiver-3

Mais d’abord une petite swatch du beau Cathy de A-England qui m’a servi de base.

But first lets have a look at the beautiful Cathy by A-England that I used as a base.

Macar'Ongle-A'England Cathy-2

Macar'Ongle-A'England Cathy-1Et ensuite je lui ai stampé des flocons avec Wuthering Heights (toujours A-England) et la plaque Festive, no. 2 de MoYou London.

And then I stamped some snowflakes with wuthering Heights (also by A-England) and MoYou London Festive stamping plate, no. 2.


Macar'Ongle-c'est l'hiver-1

Macar'Ongle-c'est l'hiver-4

Et voilà ! Vous voulez quelques gros plans ? en plus Mr. Pouce est jaloux et voudrait bien sa photo …

And that’s it ! Do you want a macro ? Cause Mr. Thumbs wants his own pic …

Macar'Ongle-c'est l'hiver-5

Macar'Ongle-c'est l'hiver-6  J’espère que ce nail art hivernal vous plaira et je vous souhaite une excellente semaine !

I hope you like this nailart and I wish you an excellent week !

@++ les nailistas !!

Macar'Ongle-c'est l'hiver-2


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  1. Nail Crazinesss

    I like your color combination 🙂
    ps. I recently started my own nail blog: http://nail-crazinesss.blogspot.com
    I invite and encourage you to observe and comment 🙂

    1. Macarongle

      Thank you !

      I went to your blog and found the design very pretty ! I hope you will enjoy blogging !!

  2. Zara TracesOfPolish

    Beautiful! Every time I see your posts, I ask myself why I don’t have any AEnglands yet!

    1. Macarongle

      WHAT ???? You don’t have any A-England ??? I’m not sure we can be friend anymore !!

      Lol ! More seriously, you should try them: the texture is perfect, they dry quickly, they are mostly one coaters (although I usually apply two coats anyway) and their colors are gorgeous !! Especially these two 🙂

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